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Find Wisdom in the Trees

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Originally presented at the Animal Energy World Conference in 2021 this has now been expanded with additional information, images, slides and inspiration.

• Learn how to connect with the wisdom of trees and open up a dialogue with all of Nature.

• Discover the secrets of the “special” trees – the ones most likely to form a strong relationship with you and the ones with important roles for nature and the environment.

• Explore the magical areas where those special trees reside.

• Receive tips on making a genuine connection and avoid offending nature.

• Discover true peace and serenity by developing your relationship with all of Nature

• Learn how to honour and respect Trees and all their neighbours.

• Features images of many of my special tree friends and their wise messages for you, collected at home and abroad.

• Meditation channelled by one of these special trees from a sacred vortex point.

Note: this is a self-paced workshop based around Powerpoint slides with full narration and guided meditation.

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  • 9th July 2021 3:32 pm
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