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Listen With Love

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Listen With Love

Animal Communication From The Heart

TM © Clare Metcalf Free Spirit Animal Care 2021

A 7 week, On-Line LIVE course via Zoom covering all the basics and more to get you started hearing your animals from a place of love.
Learn to hear animals and strengthen your bond forever!

Begins Thursday 13th June 2024

7-9pm London time

This is for you if:

  •           You love your animals but you just don’t feel you always understand them.
  •           Your pets have some strange behaviours you just can’t seem to get to the bottom of.
  •           Your animals never seem to listen to you.
  •           You’re sure your pets are trying to tell you something, but you’re just not sure what.
  •           You want to know how your animals are feeling and what they need to feel even better.
  •           You want to have more understanding and co-operation in your relationships with your pets.
  •           You have a beloved pet in Heaven you’d love to check in with.
  •           You love animals and Nature and want to be more deeply connected with the Natural World.
  •           You’d love to have a deeper relationship with your garden visitors and wildlife.

I understand your frustration and confusion and I know you feel you have limitations, but believe me, every single animal on earth (including human animals) communicate telepathically, and you may have simply forgotten how.

I can help you rediscover your inner telepathic powers.

Wouldn’t you love to learn simple techniques to tap into your own innate skills?

Do you want to know how easy it can be to begin to trust the information you’re receiving?

Have you tried on-line courses before but felt completely alone and unsure?

Would you like to do this in a safe, supportive community?

Do you want to be able to ask questions in realtime as we learn?

Are you fed up with jargon, empty promises and feeling short-changed?

Did you notice this course is named Listen With Love? Not “Learn to Talk to Your Animals…” or even “Learn Animal Communication”. The animals tell me we do enough talking already, we need to learn to quieten down and begin to LISTEN to them, and from a place of loving understanding. This is what I want to offer you, and them.

Do you want to learn with someone who walks the walk, doesn’t simply talk the talk? Someone who communicates with animals daily for thousands of clients all over the world for over 17 years professionally, and with 30+ years teaching experience? I’ve learned from and been inspired by the best and I’ve put in the hours professionally with animals as diverse as mice to lions and most species in between!

I’m Clare Metcalf.

I’m an award-winning professional Animal Communicator, and I’ve been a healer and Nature Intuitive for most of my life.
I have been featured on National TV, BBC Radio, podcasts, summits, webinars and featured in National and International press and magazines.
I am the resident Animal Expert for Spirit & Destiny Magazine.
I will hold your paw, hoof, wing or claw right through the process in weekly LIVE, interactive teaching sessions and in our own PRIVATE Facebook group.
You will have the support of downloadable files, notes, quizzes and your fellow students, plus access to me for the entire 7 weeks.

You were BORN with the ability to communicate telepathically with all other species, and I can help you remember how.

Student Feedback for Animal Communication Workshops:
I was astounded at the entire group’s ability to connect and communicate with the animals so quickly! The space created and held by Clare is safe, full of love and perfect for development. R.P.

I can’t recommend Clare’s courses highly enough if you want to explore the wonders of animal communucation. I left with my head spinning and my heart bursting, in the best possible way! Clare’s warmth shines through her courses, and for me her special skill is in creating a truly relaxed, supportive environment in which all of her students can have fun and enjoy the learning process, whilst never compromising on love and respect for the animals and humans present. The ability to communicate with animals is not a mystical gift but a conscious decision, and one you won’t regret – sign up for one of Clare’s brilliant courses if you want to be inspired to learn this skill for yourself and for the amazing animals that share this life! A.W.

It was a wonderful workshop and has set me on a new road. PW

I would truly recommend Clare’s Animal Communication seminars if you love animals and want to interact with them on a higher level. Clare’s gentle and caring personality is shared by all whether you are human or animal!  SB

It was truly a privilege to be taught by Clare. I found it easier to connect telepathically with our animal teachers than in previous larger workshop groups. I was thrilled when my ‘responses’ from animals coincided with Clare’s feedback, and I was really pleased she shared her animal responses with us. It really lifted my confidence. It’s amazing to think we all have the ability to communicate telepathically with animals, both present and departed, using photographs. Clare taught us through meditation to still our minds, listen with our hearts to see, hear or feel the animals’ thoughts, requests and fears, etc. Come along to one of Clare’s Workshops and you won’t regret it. Once you start receiving messages telepathically it’s really addictive. VM

Thank you for a wonderful seminar, I’ll never forget it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel like I’ve been given a glimpse of the incredibly special world in which you live, and I’m going to have to practice so that I get a few more glimpses GS

So now, by popular demand, I am bringing my teaching on-line for those of you who aren’t able to attend my live workshops!

What do I get?

  •      7 LIVE 2 hour interactive zoom sessions, over 6 weeks
  •      Downloadable worksheets, quizzes, motivational tips
  •      LIVE meditations and exercises to get you in the zone each week
  •      LIVE animal teachers
  •      Opportunity for one of your animals to help me teach
  •      Messages from your own animals, living and in Spirit
  •      LIVE Q&A sessions
  •      Ongoing support in our own PRIVATE Facebook group

And so much more…

  • What will I learn?
    You will discover your strongest intuitive senses and how to create your own “Medicine Bag” of tools to help your relationship with your animals.
  • You will learn how to meditate like the animals and the benefit that brings to all aspects of your life.
  • You will build a stronger connection with ALL of Nature.
  • You will learn to quiet your own mind to tune into theirs.
  • You will begin to trust the information you receive.
  • You will build confidence in your most effective form of communication and develop new skills…


•Personalised, individual  feedback and support
•Private facebook Group


1) Are these all pre-recorded old zoom sessions from previous classes?
NO, each session is LIVE and only for our group

2) What if I can’t attend every session?
I really encourage everyone to attend each session as I find there is much more value in the live interaction, but I know life happens, and for those times you can’t be there, every effort will be made to record and make available to download.

3) Is there homework to hand in?
There IS homework (usually fun quizzes or personal reflection / evaluation),  but nothing needs to be marked!

4) How would my own animal get to teach?
All requests will be submitted in advance and I’ll select the animal that best suits the topic for that week’s session. They may attend live on the zoom call or we may use a photo of them.

5) I’ve never meditated before, what if I get it wrong?
You can’t get it wrong, and I will be guiding the meditations and giving tips on how to “get in the zone”.

6) I’m not psychic. I won’t be able to to it.
You are telepathic, we all are, and the course will help you tap into that well of information once more.

7) I’m not on Facebook because I don’t want certain people to know what I’m doing.
Our group is private and no-one is allowed in until I let them in.  It is a new group for each intake of students so no-one is “ahead” of you in their training. You can join Facebook under a pseudonym, and as long as you tell me it, you’ll be in the group. No-one else on Facebook will know you are in our group.
While you’re not obliged to join Facebook, the group support of people at the same point in their journey can be invaluable, and the group remains active long after the course has ended.

Fees: Usually £345

Early Bird – book and pay in FULL by midnight 10th June 2024

Fees: £295


£295.00 £345.00
Buy this course!

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  • 7 Weeks
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  • 5th November 2021 8:50 am
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Learn to Listen

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