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Rainbow Bridge

Help During the Grieving Process
If you are grieving the loss of a beloved animal friend, there are a number of things you can do to help yourself. Not everyone understands the strong connection we can have with animals and therefore the depth of grief we can feel when they pass over to Spirit. “It was only a cat / dog / bird” really doesn’t help; neither does “Just go out and get another one”. Grief for the loss of an animal is every bit as valid as grief for a human, and should never be underestimated. There is no set time limit for recovery – we all heal at different paces. 

The Homeopathic remedy Ignatia is wonderful for helping to ease the pain of separation, that feeling of being overwhelmed, when we feel we cannot stop crying. It does not work like an anti-depressant – it helps your heart to heal and gently supports us through the grieving process. It is natural, safe, non-addictive, has no side effects and can be used safely alongside other medication. And it’s safe to use for ALL the family including grieving pets.
If you have been grieving a long time or feel “stuck” in grief, shock or guilt, a consultation with a fully qualified Homeopath is wholeheartedly recommended.

Pet Bereavement Support Service
If you feel you have no-one to talk to, or worry about upsetting others also affected by your bereavement it is worth knowing that the Blue Cross offers a pet bereavement support service. Contact them on 0800 0966606 (UK)

Likewise cats Protection offer a Grief Support Service offering advice and support not only for bereavement, but also missing pets, and the sadness of having to give up your pets for any reason. Their confidential line is available 9-5 Monday – Friday on 0800 0249494 (UK) or

Practical Tasks
Create a “Memory Box”. Immediately following bereavement is not a time to make decisions. If you don’t know what to do with your pet’s belongings, but seeing them around is adding to your pain, collect them all together and place them in a special box. Decorate it or place a picture of your friend on the lid. Encourage your children to be involved in this process, and as you place the items in the box, talk about the special memories each item evokes. It may help to write these special memories down, as it can be a comfort as time passes to revisit the box, remind yourself of the happy times and the funny little unique ways your friend had. This can be a very cathartic, healing process, and I personally recommend it.

Candle Ceremony
If you visit any of the Rainbow Bridge websites you will learn of the Monday Night Rainbow Bridge Candle Ceremony. At 8pm every Monday evening we light a candle to our loved ones waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge, and speak their name(s). It can also be a very comforting ritual, and nothing bad will happen if you forget occasionally!

Animal Communication (of course!)
Having one last message from your friend in Spirit can be extremely comforting. Many people contact me wracked with grief or guilt over their pet’s passing, but believe me, once they are out of their pain & suffering most animals are extremely forgiving and understanding. Since Animal Communication is a telepathic process and does not rely on a “physical” presence, it is possible to pass & receive messages after an animal crosses the Bridge. I will update this page whenever an animal gives me interesting insights into their next life, and the whole process of living and dying. I learn such a lot from them!

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