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Animal Communication Oracle Cards


Animal Communication Oracle Cards and FREE companion book Further Animal Wisdom
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Animal Wisdom Oracle
Daily Guidance Channelled from the Animal Kingdom
© Clare Metcalf
A comprehensive boxed deck of 36 cards plus an instruction card.
This deck was inspired by and based on actual conversations with the animals represented in the individual images. Every species I have had the honour of working with personally, spending time getting to know and form eternal relationships with.

Each card carries a brief and pertinent message from the animal represented – not from me – (I truly had to step out of my own ego to let the animals speak for themselves just like in a communication session with me, so there’s no clever words from me in there! Likewise, and unlike most other oracle decks there is no reliance on traditional knowledge of the species, folklore etc. The words come from the individual animal represented in the photo.)

I asked each individual animal what message, advice or wisdom they wished to share with humans, and that’s exactly what is written. (Some even took me by surprise!)
This message can be incorporated into your daily meditation or mantra.

The cards can also be used if you have questions or concerns about your own animal friends – who better to ask than the Animal Kingdom?

The cards began to fall naturally into four sub-sets, which became represented by their background colours and are all aligned with Colour Therapy principles.
The Sub-Deck themes are: Joy, Love, Guidance and Wisdom.

Additionally each card incorporates the Flower of Life, a design that combines all the elements of sacred geometry, and reflects the perfection, harmony and interconnectedness of all living things.

However the animals had so much more to say on the subject than just one brief sentence!

Hence the next task was to produce:
Further Animal Wisdom
A Companion to Animal Wisdom Oracle Deck
© Clare Metcalf
A beautiful, glossy book which features every card and message, with an expanded explanation of the meaning and containing further wisdom from the animals. There is also additional information about the animal species represented and some personal anecdotes about encounters with animals I personally know.
The book also explains the background to the creation of the deck, and offers advice including how to prepare yourself and your space before using the deck.
Each order of the Animal Wisdom Oracle Deck includes this companion book FREE!

  • Limited Edition Special Edition Collectors Set consisting of Animal Wisdom Oracle Cards, Further Animal Wisdom Book PLUS Limited Edition Animal Oracle Aromas and Animal Aromas bracelet available while stocks last.  Please see separate listing for full details and to order.


And finally, I wanted to imbue all of these items – deck, book, oils and bracelet with a deeper level of spirituality not found elsewhere, so I took them to my most magical place – SEDONA, Arizona, so they could absorb the amazing and sacred vortex energy!
They came with me on every hike to every favourite vortex, sacred site and of course walks among my beloved trees whose own energy infused them.
I turned the prayer wheel and carried them three times round the Stupa as I prayed for peace to every living creature.
They climbed rocks, descended into favourite canyons and walked alongside rivers and streams.

You have two options for getting your paws on these unique and heartfelt creations and this is a special introductory offer:

Animal Wisdom Oracle card deck plus Further Animal Wisdom Introductory price £21.95 includes free UK P&P

Animal Wisdom Oracle card deck, Further Animal Wisdom PLUS limited edition Oracle Aromas and Oracle Aromas Bracelet Introductory Price: £39.95 includes free UK P&P

Please contact me for postage costs outside the UK.

Animal Wisdom Oracle One Day Workshop
Do you wish to know how to get the absolute best from your Animal Wisdom Oracle Deck (and every other deck you already own)?
Come to my one day workshop where I will explain a little more about the creation of the deck and additional items.
Learn about the correct way to prepare yourself and your special space to ensure the wisdom you receive is exactly what you need and is received appropriately.
Learn how to use the Animal Wisdom Oracle for your own animals.
Learn the mistakes some people make when using Oracle Decks and how to avoid them.
Familiarise yourself with some of the species represented in the deck through mediation and Animal Communication
Plus we will draw cards and meditate on them for further individual guidance, draw cards for each other and much more.

Sunday 29th March 2020
Here, at home on the outskirts of beautiful Durham.

Workshop price (If you already purchased a deck or set) £55
Workshop Price including Deck and Book £75
Workshop price including entire kit £90



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