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Animal Communication Meditations (Downloadable)


6 full length unique meditations presented by Clare Metcalf and created to help you connect and communicate with all animals.

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Now available! Download my entire Animal Communication Meditations to your favourite device, and take me everywhere you go!

The meditations themselves were a collaboration between the animals, my angels and spirit guides, then channelled and transcribed by me. Likewise each piece of music was born from the spirit of its meditation, summing up the mood and essence to create the desired effect.

My own personal feeling is that meditation music doesn’t have to be sombre, boring or computer generated monotones. Neither should it be distracting. My meditations are intended to be the complete experience and the music can be as important as the words used in order to guide you to the best place for your soul’s particular journey. If you find meditation and visualisation difficult then music and sound can assist and enhance the process. I was very definite about the kind of sound I wanted, (and definitely didn’t want) for each meditation journey. The obvious course of action was to compose the music myself, along with my musician & sound engineer friend Alan Dunnett.

So here it is – after many requests from students and clients and much cajoling from even Amelia Kinkade herself – my first CD!

Professionally Studio recorded, duplicated & printed for superb sound quality.

The CD contains 6 unique meditations, all designed to bring the listener on a journey towards being in the best position mentally, spiritually and emotionally, to hear and communicate with animals. It’s not a ‘How To’, it’s more of a ‘How To Be’. Some are brand new, even to my students.

Track Listing:
1) The Rainbow Shield
Animal lovers can be badly affected by negative energy, impressions and external influences, which can in turn affect the clarity of communication with other sentient beings, drain emotional and psychic energy, and be seriously detrimental to health. In this meditation we will surround you with individual layers of colour – the corresponding chakra colours of the rainbow – creating an impenetrable shield of light and energy and protecting you from all external negativity.

2) The Perfect You
Self-doubt is one of the major factors that can hold us back from our true hopes, desires and path in life. In this meditation you will meet the one person who can remind you of your true life’s purpose – the Perfect You – that part of you which has never been affected by negativity, cares, grief, worry or criticism by self or others. You will learn techniques or receive advice to bring you back to that perfect state and return to your true path.

3) Playing With the Elementals
In order to become proficient at hearing animals again, we need to return to a state where this occurred naturally. All children are created with the ability to hear animals, but most eventually ‘grow out of it’, are discouraged from it by peer pressure or adult influences or experience some trauma that prevents them hearing their animal friends. This meditation takes you back to that state of childlike bliss when anything was possible. You are accompanied on this journey by the faerie folk, the elementals, childhood friends and pets, who all want to help you hear animals again.

4) Meditation to Meet Your Power Animal and Guide
Many native traditions believe we have power animals or guides: some we are born with and accompany us throughout our entire lifetime; others join us for part of the journey to help with a particular task or lesson. Come and meet your Power Animal and Spirit Guide and receive their gifts of wisdom, support and advice. These guides want to help you hear animals and can be accessed whenever you feel stuck, confused or have ‘lost the connection’. This is one of the most popular meditations with my students.

5) Meditation to Connect to Your Own Animals
Often it is much more difficult to hear our own animal loved ones, mainly because self-doubt creeps in, or we believe we know our animals too well to be objective. Fear and grief can also be huge blocks to communicating with our loved ones. In this meditation one of your animal friends will come forward to help you communicate, and offer advice to maintain the practice. Spend time in the company of the most important persons in your life, connect on a deeper, soul level and strengthen your bonds of love. This is a deeply moving, loving and nurturing meditation for all the family.

6) Meditation for Wild and Endangered Species
This meditation can also be used as a prayer for all the animals of the world. You will be guided to a safe place in Nature, where you will be joined by a representative of an endangered species, who may offer you advice and guidance, as well as inform you how YOU can help their species, and all wildlife.

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“I was excited to learn that Clare Metcalf’s new ‘Animal Communication Meditations’ CD was available to purchase on her stall at ‘The Spirit of Cumbria Festival’ at Rheged over the Easter Weekend. Back home, listening to the CD, I wasn’t disappointed. Clare has scripted six magical, and easy to follow meditations, which are aimed essentially at students of animal communication… to help them to connect to higher energies e.g. power animals and guides, etc. However, this CD may be enjoyed by anyone who wishes to relax and meditate. Clare’s soothing voice and gentle background music (co-written by herself) has created a delightful set of recordings…a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Enjoy!” V. M

I recently bought a copy of this great meditation CD.  Clare has obviously chosen every word with care and the music has just the right frequency.  I love that each one has a specific purpose and they all help me to stay in the moment without so much drifting off as I usually do!

And they work!!  I was following the one to connect with my own animal and Harry was there.  He is the most grounded, Buddha like animal I know and has a great sense of humour.  When we got to the bit where Clare is talking about water being good for facilitating the psychic flow, Harry chipped in with “beer is better!”  He loves a little taste of lager when we have some – none of the rest of family like it! C.P.

I absolutely love your cd. I don’t think I will ever love a CD as much as yours. Your voice sounds so lovely and i absolutely love the content. It’s doing me good and helping me spiritually because I am connecting with my higher self and it’s helping me to be more loving. I will wear the crystal paw and then if people ask me about it, I will direct them to your website. Keep up your good work and best wishes Christine x


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