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Animal Communication Aura Spray


Handmade by Clare, a blend of floral hydrates, essential oils, gem essences and magic, to help you communicate effectively with animals.

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Animal Connection© Aura Spray

I am often asked by my students for help in communicating with animals once they leave the workshops, so in response I created my Animal Connection Spray© – a unique combination of organic floral waters, essential oils & gem essences – and each bottle is infused with my own healing love & light.

The spray gently opens the heart chakra, grounds us in Mother Earth, connects us to our guides and elementals thus opening the lines of communication between humans and all other species.

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Thank you for creating your… Animal Connection Spray. I have been using it for the past few days and it is making it much easier to quiet my mind and become present in order to communicate with animals. I live on a busy road so finding quiet is often difficult, but sitting with my eyes closed breathing in the beautiful aroma allows me to close off the outside world very quickly and enter my own space. JJ 25.3.14


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