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How to decide on the urgency of your request

We all love our animals and want them to take priority – unfortunately that simply can’t be possible every time. Appointments are made on a strictly first come first served basis. In extreme circumstances priority is usually decided using the following criteria:

  • Urgent: End of life issues / accident / medical emergency
  • Important: Severe medical issues / dangerous or emergency situation at home
  • Standard: Behaviour issues / general health checks / general communications / animals already in Spirit

Please don’t exaggerate the seriousness of your situation – this could take an appointment away from a genuine emergency.

Likewise please don’t delay seeking veterinary advice if you have to wait for a communication appointment.

Requests for distance healings will almost always be accommodated at the time of request, unless I am away from home and don’t receive the request. Healing can take place prior to the communication session if circumstances dictate.

Animal Communication by Photo:

Please send the details listed below with photographs of your animal(s) using email: You can pay by Paypal (Click on the appropriate button on the Shopping Cart page) by bank transfer (Contact Us for details) or you can mail me a cheque / money order.

To post:
Photos and payments can be sent to:
Clare Metcalf
59 Bradwell Way
Houghton le Spring
Tyne & Wear
If posting please include your cheque payment and PLEASE don’t send original photographs you can’t bear to part with. Alternatively you can pay by Bank Transfer or Paypal using the appropriate button below.


1. Client info – Full name, postal address, email address, phone number (landline and mobile).
Also how you heard of me.

Please note: if you are UK based I need a landline number or your FaceTime / Skype account.
If you are based outside the UK I need your FaceTime / Skype account.
If neither are available I do need you to either contact me on your own mobile or phone or communicate via email. Apologies if this causes any inconvenience but it is the only way I can keep my service affordable.

2. Animal info
Name and gender
What age the animal entered your life
if there were previous homes (don’t give me too much detail)

If your friend is missing please let me know the date and the circumstances you last saw them. Sorry, due to an unprecedented amount of work I am unable to take on any more missing animals at present. I can send you tips on searching and communicating with your animal if you email me. I recommend you approach another reputable Animal Communicator and check their immediate availability.

If your friend is in Spirit please let me know the date of their passing and their approximate age.

3. Send a clear photo of your animal, facing the camera, with eyes open.
I appreciate that with horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles etc. it’s not always easy to get both eyes in shot, so just send the clearest, sharpest picture you have, or give me a choice of 2 or 3. No other animals or humans in the picture please.

If you are posting photos, PLEASE don’t send your most precious originals – send me copies and keep your originals where they belong – with you!

4. Send your questions
Please send me the questions or messages you would like to communicate to your animal friend. I find 4 or 5 questions is preferable, as your friend can become distracted by too much questioning!

Alternatively I can just check in with your friend and ask them how they are, pass on any messages to and from your animal companion.

When I have all the required information I will contact you to set up an appointment for our phone call / Skype session to pass on all your messages from your best friend!

What happens next:

I will spend approximately 60 minutes communicating with your animal. (The length of time is solely dictated by the animal and how much they wish to tell me!) If the animal is living, this will include Medical Gestalt (a form of telepathic body scan) – to identify any health issues or discomfort, plus any distant healing the animal requests.

I receive the same information from your animal looking at a photo of them as I would if they were in front of me which makes animal communication available internationally.

I do prefer to give feedback by phone in the first instance as it is easier to clarify facts and my interpretation of what the animals show me. This is particularly important for clients abroad, or whose animals have lived abroad (oh yes, I have had animals speak a few words of French and Italian before now!)

There is an option to receive a typed transcript of the communication afterwards, for an additional small fee.

Please contact me directly to request the in-person communication and to make an appointment. If I have to come to you I can only come within a 20 mile radius & mileage costs will apply.

We’ve used the services of Clare Metcalf, professional Animal Communicator, several times now. She has always been spot-on with the information she has received from our animals, but after an amazing communication with one of our living animals last week, enabling us to take steps to resolve health issues that vets couldn’t (and alerting us to a condition which we didn’t even know existed) and two today with our darlings Ébano and Ellie, who are in spirit, I just wanted to say that if you’ve ever considered using an animal communicator (or even if you haven’t!) to solve any issues with any living animals, or to make contact with those who have passed over, this lady is amazingly accurate and has a wonderfully funny, warm and kind spirit too. The information she gets (which she could not possibly have known any other way and is too obscure to be guessed) leaves no doubt that she is genuinely communicating with the animal in question. Thank you once again, Clare

My fees are as follows:

Animal communication by photo

£50 New Animal Clients; £40 Existing Animal Clients (i.e. I have spoken with THIS animal previously) No charge for animal charities.

(Includes full communication session of approx 60 minutes INCLUDING Medical Gestalt and any distant healing the animal may request, plus telephone feedback of approx 60 minutes)

In Person communication (home visit)

£100 plus travel expenses depending on distance. Please enquire before booking.

(requires visit of 120+ minutes)
(Discount available for more than one animal at the same visit)
Note: The waiting list for home visits is longer than for Photo readings due to the additional time they take, plus my travelling time.

Body Scan

For animals who have already previously had a full communication, and have ongoing health issues there is the facility to perform just the body scan in a shorter communication, eg. before vets visit, with telephone or email feedback. £25 (WITH distant healing £30)

In Person communication with hands-on healing (agreed by vet)

£120 (requires visit of 150+ minutes) (Discount available for more than one animal at the same visit)

Typed Transcript of Communication Session

A full typed record of our communication session, a unique souvenir of the event & useful to show others who also love your animals. Note – will be emailed unless otherwise arranged. £10

Healing in person(hands-on requires a home visit of approx 30 minutes and vets agreement)

£30 (£10 donated to one of my chosen animal charities)

Distant healing

£10 per session (£5 donated to one of my chosen animal charities)

Photos and payments can be sent to:
Clare Metcalf
59 Bradwell Way
Houghton le Spring
Tyne & Wear

Paypal payments are also available using the appropriate buttons on the Shopping Cart page.

Thank you for contacting me. You are about to enter a wonderful world of communicating with all species, and everything that entails!

I will be in contact with you shortly and look forward to speaking to both you and your animal companion

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