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My Mission

Those of you who have attended my workshops or visited me at events will know that I donate ALL the profits from my own products to a selection of charities I choose every year. I only choose No-Kill, Non-Profit, volunteer run rescues that I have personally visited in order to check with the residents that things are run as they like them!
This year’s chosen charities are below, with some background info and lovely photos. If you’re not drawn to buy any items, you may feel inspired to donate instead? Many thanks. x

Feline Friends


Feline Friends are a small rescue located near to me and I have been involved with them on a volunteer basis for decades – teaching their volunteers Homeopathy for Pets, donating remedies, free communication sessions and kitten cuddling! I’ve personally been involved in helping a selection of beautiful cats and kittens find amazing loving homes. And then my angel cat Lucy decided (from Heaven) to send us a male kitten named Jasper (despite the fact we had no intention of rehoming a kitten at that point! She’s a determined cat and after months of searching various rescues, he was actually born at Feline Friends to a mummy named Daisy who looked exactly like Lucy! Born with Hip Dysplasia he had an early struggle, but Lucy knew who to send him to, and with the use of homeopathic remedies we got him big and strong and healthy.
A year later Jasper needed a playmate as mature Dusty wasn’t keen to play with this boisterous baby, and he chose beautiful Barney, also from Feline Friends!

Kisses for baby Jasper while still at the rescue.

Feline Friends is the cat charity devoted to finding safe and loving homes for abandoned and homeless cats and kittens in the Tyne and Wear area.

Set up to care for the needs of cats and kittens who have been abandoned, are unwanted or whose owners can no longer take care of them, we are a non-profit charitable organisation established in 2006 dedicated to the rescue and adoption of unwanted cats and kittens.

Registered Charity – CHARITY NUMBER 1123180 – and we have no funding other than the donations we receive and the money we raise through our own fund-raising efforts.

We take care of new-born kittens and their Mums, young, middle-aged and elderly cats. Our aim is to match every kitten or cat with the right owner and family.



Homes4Hens rescued all the beautiful hens that have been part of my family – including 6 ex-battery hens from the old-style cages, barn hens and “free range”. Those little girls brought great joy, love and colour into our lives and I bless the day I discovered this rescue. I promote hen welfare tirelessly on my Facebook page and have written articles about their plight, the huge cost of “cheap eggs” the fallacy of commercial “happy eggs” and the joy of rehoming retired hens.

Founded in 2010 Homes4Hens was inspired after Kathryn and Michael Vogel collected 6 hens to keep as pets from a battery farm. They were shocked to see the condition of the hens and saddened that they went to slaughter at such a young age, barely 18 months old.

Homes4hens Rescue C.I.C. exists to give commercial laying hens a future after farming. Our aim is to inspire you to provide a free-range retirement for ex-laying hens otherwise destined for slaughter. Homes4Hens has rescued and re-homed thousands of hens and created a network of collection points, run by volunteers across Scotland and Northern England. We are committed, dedicated and passionate people who hope to bring joy to people’s lives whilst helping hens that deserve a happy ending.

 Homes4Hens Rescue CIC reg no. SC567846


Cuddles with Rosie on our last visit


My sister lives in Spain and had attended a charity fund-raiser for an amazing local horse rescue, and I was determined to visit them on my next trip. We attended our first of many Open Days hosted at the charity and I was incredibly impressed at the fantastic facilities and care they offer their beautiful horses, donkeys and mules – in addition to various other stray, unwanted or abused animals including cats, dogs, chickens, a turkey and a pig! Their love and care for these animals who had some of the worst lives imaginable is palpable on every visit and they truly do an amazing job against great adversity.

Founded in 2008, our non-profit rescue centre saves neglected, abused and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys across Spain’s Costa Blanca region.

Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected and abandoned horses, ponies and donkeys, while campaigning for the better treatment of animals across Spain. We are a no-kill foundation and provide each rescued animal with a safe and loving sanctuary – either here at our centre or via rehoming – for the rest of their lives.

We began with one horse, Luceiro, a two-year-old stallion we found locked in a filthy and dark stable, his left eye badly injured and rotting, hurling himself repeatedly against the bars of his stall as flies drove him crazy.

Unable to walk away from such a distressing case of animal cruelty, we brought Luceiro home to our own finca – and unwittingly created a much-needed horse rescue centre. We now care for more than 90 horses, ponies and donkeys saved from abuse and neglect.

We are the only officially registered horse rescue centre foundation in Spain (Registered Foundation Number G54674098, Inscription Number 030006 in the Registration of Foundations with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food). All donations to support our work are tax deductible.

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