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Clare Metcalf
RSHom, Dip Hom Med, MNCHM, Dip Vet Hom

I graduated from the Northern College of Homeopathic Medicine in 1998 following 4 years of training and founded Free Spirit Homeopathy – a clinic for HUMAN patients with all kinds of ailments – from injuries and joint pain to hormonal issues, skin complaints, digestive diseases, serious chronic complaints and more. Homeopathy is safe for the entire family from pregnancy all the way to geriatric issues.

My Credentials

Following graduation I was employed by the College as general manager, supporting the students, lecturers and staff, then spent 3 years managing a large international clinic, whilst compounding my education with an “apprenticeship” with one of the homeopathic world’s foremost cancer specialists, focussing mainly on serious chronic illnesses such as cancer, cardiac illness, diabetes, arthritis etc.

One of my passions is spreading the word about homeopathy far and wide – believing that the only way to ensure homeopathy becomes mainstream is to educate as many people as possible about the benefits, safety and effectiveness of this fascinating form of medicine.

I have organised International Conferences and Seminars and I offer presentations, workshops and lectures to businesses, charities, WIs and groups, in addition to teaching 6 week and 10 week accredited basic homeopathic self-help classes.

My hugely popular Homeopathy For Pets workshop aims to empower everyone to help their entire family, including their pets during acute ailments and injuries with these safe and effective remedies. I have also adapted this previously in-person workshop and created Homeopathic First Aid for Pets and People, a 6 week course which takes place on-line via Zoom. (See my Academy page for details)

I wrote and delivered the homeopathy module of a degree course in complementary therapies at a University Hospital, and the graduates are using their new skills in hospices, care homes and hospitals, a prospect I find most exciting and rewarding.

I write prolifically on the subject and have been featured in the press on many occasions.

With a colleague I also founded and ran a free clinic for the women members of a charity organisation, and hundreds of patients there can testify to homeopathy’s gentle effectiveness. The clinic was independently evaluated, and the success rates were phenomenal, showing clinically significant levels of symptom relief – mentally, emotionally and physically. It was intended to be a clinic for acute ailments, but we regularly treated women suffering the effects of abuse, in its many forms, with great success.

My many experiences led me to identify a need for up to the minute and easily accessible homeopathic information and resources, and the very best quality homeopathic and therapeutic goods for use by qualified homeopaths and the general public alike.

For information about what Homeopathy is and what it can help, please see my article WHAT IS HOMEOPATHY?

Please contact us for information about presentations, workshops, courses, homeopathic remedies, remedy kits and therapeutic products.

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