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Homeopathy for Pets

I want to help YOU become empowered to help your own pets in acute situations; to build a first aid kit of safe, effective, non-toxic and natural remedies for ALL the family and to know when it’s essential to involve your vet.

Topics include:

  • Accidents and Emergencies
  • Aches & Pains, Sprains & Strains
  • Digestive Upsets
  • Stress, Anxiety, Shock
  • Skin Complaints
  • Pre and Post Surgery & Dental work…        And much more… 

Simple selection process ensures speedy results.  

Common remedies easily available. 

NO prior homeopathic, medical or veterinary experience needed.  

Includes: 2 days of interactive seminars – lots of learning but lots of fun guaranteed
Refreshments and vegan lunch supplied (or bring your own)
HUGE file of information to personalise
Supply of remedies for immediate use
Opportunity to create your own bespoke Homeopathic Remedy Kit  

I received an interesting email from a student saying because she has no background in Homeopathy, how would she be able to use this information after the workshop?

 To Clarify: The workshop is aimed at complete novices with no training in homeopathy, and those who already use such remedies as Arnica without really knowing WHY it works and WHEN it is appropriate. We start at the basics – what Homeopathy is, how it works, where to get remedies, which are the most often used remedies and appropriate dosage & storage.

We then explore all the most common situations you may encounter at home with your own pets, that you could safely treat with homeopathic remedies (and when it’s better to seek veterinary advice). This includes accidents, injuries, cuts, bites, falls, tummy upsets, pre and post operative issues, minor issues with eyes, ears, sinuses (colds, infections etc) and so many other issues. The great thing is you use the same remedies no matter what species needs help – so horses, dogs, cats etc., with no need to learn separate remedies for differing species. In fact the same remedies work for humans too, so you will be learning to help all of your family members!

Each student takes away with them a huge file of information which you can personalise over the course of the weekend with additional information, and included in there is a simple tool for helping you select the appropriate remedy when you’re stressed or panicking about your pet. 

You will also take away some remedies to start your collection, and the opportunity to make up your own remedy kit filled with all the remedies you feel your own family will use most often.

If you would like any more information before booking, please just ask. 

Feedback from Students on Homeopathy for Pets:

I never imagined that Homeopathy could be so fascinating… Clare’s sparkling delivery always brings a touch of magic to all her workshops and this was no exception… The folders with the information about remedies for particular conditions is an invaluable resource, which I shall definitely be using in the future. It was also brilliant that Clare had remedies we could purchase over the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and will certainly be recommending the workshop to others. It’s fantastic that the remedies may be used by humans and animals alike… I’d be more than happy to attend a follow-up session. V.M.

The file of information alone was worth the workshop fee. Clare has a wealth of information on natural remedies and shares it generously. I have already referred to the information and tried some remedies with success, and I know I shall be using it often in the future. S.B. 

Just take this course. It was SO interesting and I’m desperate to learn more! Your pets and your family will thank you forever. You won’t regret it. B.V.


Aug 02 2019 - Aug 03 2019


10:00 AM - 05:00 PM


Philadelphia, Houghton le Spring


Philadelphia, Houghton le Spring
Durham area

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