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I was initially trained in Animal Communication (or reminded of my innate abilities) by world renowned Animal Communicator and author Amelia Kinkade. I stayed under her tutelage for approximately 8 years, assisting on many of her UK workshops. I continue to be inspired and mentored by her, and I am honoured to call her my friend. 17+ years on I am incredibly proud to be able to announce that I became the FIRST and so far, ONLY UK OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF MIRACLES CERTIFIED INTERSPECIES TRANSLATOR i.e. Animal Communicator! and currently one of only 4 globally. So, in addition to the in-person groundwork I did in all her live workshops I also attended and graduated FIRST from her on-line educational programme: I am also continually inspired by the wonderful Penelope Smith my Animal Communication hero and who I am honoured to call my friend; founder of Species Link and author of the amazing 'Animal Speak', first published an astonishing 43 years ago! I had my own column in addition to residing on the Panel of Experts in Spirit & Destiny magazine for 8+ years and was incredibly grateful they allowed me a platform to educate people about the communication skills and emotional intelligence of animals. I am honoured to have been nominated multiple times and was awarded “Animal Care Specialist of the Year" for 2020 and 2021 in the Prestige Awards, with more awards in 2022 and 2023. I've worked with hundreds of animals from mice to rhinos, hamsters to bears, rabbit to lions and tigers. I'm delighted to have founded my own Free Spirit Academy during lockdown, enabling me to teach everyone regardless of location to hear all animals and enhance their relationships with their own pets.


I am Clairaudient, (literally means "clear hearing") Clairvoyant, (clear seeing) Clairsentient / Clairempathic (clear feeling) and Animal Psychic (connected to animals in Spirit), so a communication session with me includes the actual words your friend uses (yes, they DO use words, not just images or 'feelings'); plus the images they may show me; their bodily sensations and also messages from those in Spirit.


I firmly believe that Animal Communication should not be used merely as a "Parlour Trick", and that receiving the messages is only half the process - knowing what to do with the information received is equally important, as is how to deliver that message. During our conversation I counsel animals with emotional and psychological issues and offer distant healing where needed.

I work as mediator, because sometimes compromise is necessary from humans as well as animals.

I am trained in a process of Body Scanning (Medical Gestalt) whereby physical sensations can be conveyed between animal and human, offering a unique insight into their wellbeing, in addition to accessing the memories of animals to discover any physical and psychological damage they may have encountered in the past. This seems to be my "forté" and is where my years of Human Person - Centred Counselling, Healing, Healthcare and Homeopathic experience in consultations come to the fore.

You can proceed to your vet or animal practitioner armed with additional information which may be of use in the treatment of your animal friend. I have an excellent working relationship with my local vets, with osteopaths, chiropractors, Equine / Canine Touch and physical therapy practitioners nationally who are happy to hear from the animal's point of view before examination and treatment and can confirm my findings.


My dream is to enlighten all animal lovers with regard to Animal Communication (or Interspecies Telepathic Communication) and to provide practical help, advice and guidance to enable all species to live together in harmony. If you want to re-learn how to do it for yourself, please join me on one of my workshops.


Somewhere out there is...a unique life role for you to fill that only you can fill. Thomas Kinkade

I contact your animal either by photograph or in person, which means your location need not be an issue in helping your animal. Through the telepathic process I can pick up words, sensations and images, which indicate how they are feeling; issues that may have affected them in the past; their likes and dislikes etc. Through Body Scanning (Medical Gestalt) I can raise awareness of physical sensations and health issues which in turn helps us all (Companion, Communicator and Vet / Practitioner) work together to arrive at the best course of action to help your pet. I will then feedback the session to you verbally, by phone (preferably) or Skype or via email, at which time we clarify the messages, and my interpretations of them.

You may find it useful to have paper and pen handy. I understand that the process can be exciting, emotional and even overwhelming for the recipient, and that there are often others who wish to hear what was said, so a few notes can help. For a small additional fee I can later send a typed transcript of my conversation with your companion, as a unique souvenir of an extraordinary process. I am fully insured for all the therapies I practice, and undertake Continuing Professional Development annually.

So if you would like to know what your companion is thinking, resolve any behavioural issues, investigate any health worries or just want to deepen the bond between you, please: email


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