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Animal Communicator, Healer and Homeopath


Clare Metcalf is an International Professional Animal Communicator, Healer and Homeopath; she has been featured on National TV, is a regular contributor on BBC Radio, in National Magazines and in Local & National Press.

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My first impression of you over the phone was that you are a lovely genuine animal loving lady. The reading you gave me for my beloved cat not only sounded somehow like him – including spot on personality description of him -it also made more sense than any other reading I have EVER had. It filled me with joy, peace and hope. And most importantly, it just felt right. I would like to say BIG WARM THANK YOU Claire-for your time, effort and honesty. I would also highly recommend your CD of animal communications to anyone, as it’s one of the best meditations I have ever listened to. To be honest, you are my big inspiration and I can only hope that one day I will be able to communicate with animals as well as you, too. Thank you again & Best wishes xx “

Anna x

From a photograph of my dog,Coco, and with no previous conversation with me, Clare told me: “Coco showed me a blue plastic bed all chewed round the edges.

“She said ‘That was my favourite bed and now I sleep on a cloth.’
Spot on. Coco’s bed went the journey because it was chewed to bits. Seems like I’ll have to get her another one.
And when I took Coco to see Clare, she certainly straightened her out, showing me a problem I didn’t know she had – a strained hip muscle causing a twist in her back. As Clare stroked her healing hands over Coco’s back, she flopped in a heap, asleep on the floor, quite zonked out by the Reiki. Then she stretched to her full length, gave a deep sigh of satisfaction.
Impressed, I couldn’t help laughing with Clare, who told me what Coco was thinking: “I don’t like you laughing at me when my health is involved.”
I certainly see my dog through fresh eyes now.


I just want to thank you so much for communicating with Storm and for chatting with me this morning, I was totally amazed by all that you told me, it all made so much sense, particularly all the bits about her illness and how she hid it and soldiered on to have more time with me and avoid medication and treatment, it really would have been very typical of her.
After chatting with you I went to the dog pound  after speaking with Storm for guidance.  I took the German Shepherd I’d met up there on Tuesday out for a walk, she was so soft, gentle and loving and I just absolutely loved her, in my heart it felt so right, that Storm had led me there. So I have decided to take her and I pick her up tomorrow morning at 10am.
Many many thanks Clare, I finally feel at peace after our chat and I now have some closure. I will never forget Storm and I dont think she’d ever let me, she was more than just a dog, she was an extension of me.

Gale xo

I took your advice about talking to Toffee and emphasising that although she could smell my cats, there was no way they would be coming into her home ( the only time she will have to meet them is if anything happens mum, then Toffee comes to me).
She now waits on mum’s knee to see who is coming in the door, and if it
is me she will stay where she is and meow at me – with kisses!. Also, she is now less afraid to cross the floor past me and will even let me stroke her, so that’s amazing progress.
All in all I think the suggestions you made about treating Toffee are working, so thank you for your help.


POPPY IS BACK!!! I got a call last night from a family living close by who said she’d been hanging around in their garden for a while, living under their barbecue!! We set up a trap and she went in for some tasty fish within a few hours. Although not everything was absolutely spot on, a great deal of what you told me was correct and I’m incredibly grateful to you for your kindness and for encouraging me to keep searching close by. She was to the back and to the right in relation to our back garden, just as you said.
It’s also strange because when she left she was your average timid feral cat. Now she’s back, she won’t leave me alone and is letting me hold her and cuddle her. It’s quite wonderful. I really believe that she heard what you told her about how much we love her. That’s the only explanation I can think of for her absolute delight in being back and her outpouring of love for us now.


To be honest with you, Im still AMAZED!!! at what you told me about Jay. I wrote some of the things down that you were saying, and keep looking at them thinking OMG. Started cooking her some chicken after we spoke, and she jumped straight up on the side sniffing. lol. I spent most of last night worrying that she might say something like, ” I dont like my human family” But im so glad she didn’t… I sat with Jay for ages after we had spoke, and thank you kept coming into my head. So im hoping Jay is saying thank you to you for your amazing work. If she didnt thank you when you spoke to her, I would like to say it for her.

Mazonne and the wee zoo

I thought you would be pleased to hear that Dexter has made MASSIVE improvements.  He hasn’t had a single episode of anxiety in front of strangers for a couple of weeks now, we can hardly believe the difference.  Whether it is because someone listened to him or we just took charge, we’re not sure, but whatever it is we really think he is well and truly on the road to a full and normal life – yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!  We couldn’t be more pleased.  He feels very connected to us and we to him.  He is happy, settled and doesn’t seem anxious at all when out and about, although still eating grass and running off, he does always come back and permanently ‘checks’ me when we are out.  Life is much better.  I thought you would like to know.  Rest assured though, that I will be in touch again as and when we have any other unanswered questions!  Take care, keep up the good work!

Sue B

Fizzy is so much calmer and is being more inquisitive than she has been.  She has not been dashing through for food or leaping onto the unit as though she had been starved for weeks!  It is wonderful. 
Jessica although she appeared relaxed  is definitely calmer.  She is not eating so much or dashing through for food the minute I stand up.  She is actually leaving food in her bowl. It is wonderful.  She actually went out into the garden and had a mooch about last week.
Sophie is still scratching her inside legs and under her chin. She seemed better for a few days but had started again to scratch.
Thank you so much for the help you have given us with our precious cats

D&G. L

From the day you visited Monty has only had a couple of soft poos, the rest have been solid.  Its amazing, and he’s been really calm and peaceful at home.  He used to walk around looking for trouble and picking on certain cats.

M. (feline friends fosterer)

Thanks for the Ruby Diaries today Clare – it blew my mind – so accurate – I have just finished massaging Rube’s shoulders and put an upturned recycling box under the big window in the hope she’ll use it as a step when she jumps.  I have also moved her food but I think that threw her a bit!  Will see how it goes. 
If you’re having any more chats will you ask her to stop clawing the carpet around the scratch pole!
LYL – and thank for listening – to both of us!


I just want to tell how grateful I am to have crossed paths.  You made my life today!  I love my girl so so much!  I took her to the acupuncture this morning and guess what!!!  The chiropractor was there which was rare cause she’s usually booked and only comes twice per month….she just happened to have time when we were there!!  Isn’t that awesome!!!!  Ginger had work done & she was so specific what she told you that the Dr was able to find all the issues!!!  My girls whole demeanor is happy happy happy now!!!  I just can’t believe how quickly things shifted for her! You are amazing!  I want to give you the biggest hug ever!!!  We both love you!!! I’m hoping to set up time for Charlie – gingers BFF….haha!!!!  Sending you love and light!!!

Kim & Ginger

Thanks again for the wonderful reading – we’re both totally amazed and very comforted to know that Magical Merlin is still very much with us :-). We were stunned with the detail and accuracy with which you described him and his antics. We know every cat is different yet you described him, his pictures, character, likes and dislikes and even his favourite toy – a heart shaped keyring – and the way he really DIDN’T like having his fur combed and fluffy toes played with!!! We know he’s still here playing games… You have such a special gift – thank you so much Clare!


She’s amazing. the first time I asked her to speak to a cat called M, my jaw dropped. He told her he wanted to sleep on a lilac duvet on top of the wardrobe at one of my foster carers. Clare had never been to the house and couldn’t have known it was there. M went on to tell her his life story: he was afraid of men with boots on because he’d been kicked. After Clare gave him distant healing him he was a different cat in no time

G.C. Feline Friends Founder

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